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understanding weather and its impact

Short Term Trading

RAM – Renewables Analogy Model

Day Ahead

Tomorrow's weather – risk or opportunity?

  • We translate weather forecasts into power prices
  • You stay focused
  • Also available in the Netherlands!


What about forecast updates?

  • We offer analysis tools for intraday trading

Curtailments / Redispatch 2.0

Redispatch 2.0 – for your advantage

  • We forecast grid curtailments
  • You recognise curtailment risks at a glance

Mid-Term Trading

Market Weather Power (D+2-D+15)

What’s the impact of weather within the next 14 days?

  • We translate weather forecasts into power prices
  • You stay focused
  • Price charts for all market relevant weather models


Gas Storage

How will gas storage levels develop in the coming months?

  • We simulate storage levels based on weather data since 1979

Power Prices

What power prices can we expect in the coming months?

  • We combine weather history with current generation costs

Market Values

How does a possible cannibalisation effect of renewables show up?

  • We bring transparency to the possible development of market values


Gas Analyse

How to quantify weather related risks for gas?

  • Compare your location of interest with country-wide means

PPA Wind & PV

How can long-term contracts be evaluated?

  • We provide accurate site specific analyses
  • You are enabled to validate quantitative statements

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